Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE)®. 
Release the stresses or tension from the body that accumulate from our past or present life experiences that overwhelm our state of BEING.


"Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE)®. 
Release the stresses or tension from the body that 
accumulate from our past or present life 
experiences that overwhelm our state of BEING"
I have found TRE to be the most extra ordinary process of releasing all physical and emotional tension in an organic and safe way. It is felt in the body immediately by the client, embracing a new level of healing and connection with his/her body which creates a deep sense of empowerment!

What is TRE?

Tension and Trauma Releasing exercises were originally developed by Dr David Berceli to address the impacts of traumatic or over-whelming experiences on the body. TRE® is a simple technique that uses exercises to release or discharge the stresses or tension from the body that accumulate from every day circumstances of life, from difficult situations, immediate or prolonged stressful situations, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., natural disasters, social or domestic violence, hospitalisations, childbirth).
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How Does TRE Work?

TRE® evokes the tremoring or shaking of the Psoas muscle, which lies deep in the pelvis. This muscle stores all our stresses over our life-time. If the Psoas muscle is not allowed to shake, it remains tight and constantly sends a signal to the brain and autonomic nervous system that “danger is still present”. Only a relaxed Psoas muscle alerts the brain and nervous system that danger is over and adrenalin no longer needs to be discharged. Tremoring is the only(natural) way that this important stress muscle can release….and thereby inform our entire nervous system that we are now safe enough to relax fully. Tremoring is our natural inbuilt organic mechanism that relaxes the Psoas and thereby turns off the adrenalin release from the brain. If we engage in repeatedly doing TRE®, we are sending signals to the brain and nervous system that danger has passed and we do not need fight & flight chemicals - quoted by Dr. Melanie Salmon.


Improved and deeper sleep patterns
Reduced anxiety
Sustained calm and relaxation
Reduces panic/panic attacks
Reduced hyper-vigilance
Improved mental functions
Improved relationships
Improved immune responses
Deeper connection with the Self and others

Frequency of 

It takes on average 3 months of doing TRE® for 20 minutes 3 times a week, for this physiological and neurological change in the body to become permanent. In order to de-stress and even achieve self-healing using TRE®, the exercises need to be done at regular intervals (at least 3 x weekly), and for at least 3 months. The benefits are directly related to the number of times a person does TRE®. The results keep improving over time. 

TRE® can be used as a stand alone life-skill or in conjunction with the consent of your psychologist or psychiatrist. 
Contra indication of TRE are:
On psychotic medications and/or under medical psychiatric care


R700 | Initial Tre Session
R600 | Regular follow ups
  • TRE with Emma has truly been something that was life changing for me. I have battled with severe insomnia for the last 8 years, treated with all types of treatments and medications. These medications have side effects and dependancy issues and ultimately did not work. After 2 sessions of TRE with Emma I started sleeping on my own and have not had any sleeping problems since or used any medication. Last year I was completing a tough honours degree and struggling to cope with anxiety and stress, TRE made me feel like someone had turned down the volume in my head and I was able to be calm, think clearly and I attribute it as the main reason for my success, happiness and wellbeing that I have experienced since starting this TRE journey. Emma is so in tune with her patients and what their individual needs are, knowing when to push you to achieve greater results and when to pull back when you need some time to reflect. I have moved away from Cape Town but do my own TRE every week and it has helped me to remain calm and sharp in the workplace and gives me a great deal of confidence knowing the power I have over my own body, psyche and where they intersect. I continue to this day to enjoy benefits of TRE that I didn't even know came from it and the sense of wellbeing and control it has facilitated has been both empowering and an absolute relief."
  • I started seeing Emma last year out of sheer desperation as I was having so much trouble with pain in my right hip. I couldn't sleep on that side and was in pain when I tried to run. After seeing my chiropractor a couple of times and having cortisone injections, my next step was to see a hip Doctor.
    I met with friends for coffee and after many tears of frustration, they suggested that I made an appointment with Emma. I have known Emma for a few years so I went to see her with no expectations but in the hope that she could help me in some way.
    The journey that we have had together has been incredible. Not only do I have no pain in my hip anymore, my mind and body seem so much lighter and I feel that I have been given the opportunity to get rid of emotional stuff which was buried very deep down.
    I will continue seeing Emma as I love her gentle way with me and I know that TRE is what helps me.

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