I can highly recommend Emma. Not only is she a fabulous person, but she has the natural ability to create a safe space for her clients – which is essential for any healing session. She is highly tuned in and so is able to offer key insights during the healing session. The integration between different modalities makes her sessions unique and highly effective. She is a treasure and a gift!

Spiritual Coach

TRE with Emma has truly been something that was life changing for me. I have battled with severe insomnia for the last 8 years, treated with all types of treatments and medications. These medications have side effects and dependancy issues and ultimately did not work. After 2 sessions of TRE with Emma I started sleeping on my own and have not had any sleeping problems since or used any medication. Last year I was completing a tough honours degree and struggling to cope with anxiety and stress, TRE made me feel like someone had turned down the volume in my head and I was able to be calm, think clearly and I attribute it as the main reason for my success, happiness and wellbeing that I have experienced since starting this TRE journey. Emma is so in tune with her patients and what their individual needs are, knowing when to push you to achieve greater results and when to pull back when you need some time to reflect. I have moved away from Cape Town but do my own TRE every week and it has helped me to remain calm and sharp in the workplace and gives me a great deal of confidence knowing the power I have over my own body, psyche and where they intersect. I continue to this day to enjoy benefits of TRE that I didn't even know came from it and the sense of wellbeing and control it has facilitated has been both empowering and an absolute relief."


I started seeing Emma last year out of sheer desperation as I was having so much trouble with pain in my right hip. I couldn't sleep on that side and was in pain when I tried to run. After seeing my chiropractor a couple of times and having cortisone injections, my next step was to see a hip Doctor.

I met with friends for coffee and after many tears of frustration, they suggested that I made an appointment with Emma. I have known Emma for a few years so I went to see her with no expectations but in the hope that she could help me in some way.

The journey that we have had together has been incredible. Not only do I have no pain in my hip anymore, my mind and body seem so much lighter and I feel that I have been given the opportunity to get rid of emotional stuff which was buried very deep down.

I will continue seeing Emma as I love her gentle way with me and I know that TRE is what helps me.


I was very blessed to be able to call on Emma recently when I went "head-on" with a very resistant pattern in my life. Her approach was clear and firm - yet totally empathetic - which made me feel really safe during our BodyTalk session. If you are serious about your own healing, Emma is the perfect guide to help you get there and I recommend her without reservation.

Richard Higgins
Shamanic Constellations Facilitator & Trainer

I have seen Emma for the past few years for Body Talk and recently for TRE as well. This combination has helped with both my physical and mental health.

The last session that I went to was the most powerful and I was simply amazed at how quickly it worked. After prolonged stress, my energies were at an all-time low and I knew instinctively that I urgently needed to see Emma. She rearranged her schedule to see me that same day and by the end of the Body Talk session I could already feel my normally high energy levels returning. Within a couple of days I was back to usual and I could focus on my work and be productive again.

It was a scary time to be so drained of energy, and I found Emma’s calm and gentle manner and the environment in which she works, helped me to feel better straight away. I now go for maintenance sessions and consider her offerings an essential part of my health regime.


I attended the six week TRE group course with Emma and found that it worked exceptionally well for me, I enjoyed the group dynamics while learning the techniques. TRE is a great technique for relieving current stress and now that I know the techniques, I practice it often on my own at home.

"I went to Emma for the fascia release massage which was a wonderful releasing experience in and of itself, but also works extremely pre- TRE exercises in releasing stress"


I did, and still continue to do, Body Talk sessions with Emma. I starred after having had a cesarean to deliver my twins. She has helped me lot to alleviate pain and to work through issues that I did not realise affected me so much. I always feel better after the sessions and look forward to them.


It has helped me tremendously by first of all identifying the reason behind certain feelings towards certain people close to me, and secondly by being in their position and understanding them and their feeling towards me. This has improved my ongoing relationships with certain people and the great thing about it is, even if the person who is involved in the constellation with you is not spiritual minded, one is still able to reach them on an energetic level so that the relationship can shift and so that previous baggage no longer needs to be carried and a fresh, positive start can begin.

Business Owner

Emma has wonderfully incorporated muscle activation and pressure points into our Pilates classes which combine very well. She is a most intuitive and caring teacher who always understands our bodies and minds in a holistic way. She has an incredible ability to put her finger on the “pulse”!

Pilates Client

I came to Emma for family constellation work as I was aware of the fact that, try as I may to break out of the family mould, I was perpetuating many of the family dramas, which was NOT what I wanted to pass onto my children.

The work I did with Emma surpassed my expectations. We really unravelled some nasty convoluted family threads. Emma guides you through the process, which can be quite intense and harrowing, with such grace and steadiness.

I have come away from every session with a sense of lightness. It's fascinating to watch the cogs of my life start to turn so differently, as I go forward with so much less baggage.

Thank you Emma, for being so clear and easy about the process and for facilitating my journey in your unique way. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity.

Cape Neurobalance

After my underactive thyroid started fluctuating every couple of weeks, I decided it was time to look for a holistic solution. That’s when I started searching and I knew that eventually something that would be right for me would cross my path. And it did.

Someone mentioned “body talk” to me, so I researched it. It made so much sense to me. That’s when I met Emma – and my wonderful journey of healing started. I had no idea that I was carrying so much “stuff” with me. Emma manages to identify the “stuff” better than I would ever be able to. I feel “lighter”, I can breathe again (I had not been able to take in a deep breath for years) and most importantly I have already been able to reduce the dosage of my thyroid medication.

I actually feel like a different person compared to before I met Emma. This journey is far from over for me, but I am so enjoying it. I can highly recommend this process. It has changed my life.

Business Owner

I've been to Emma for both BodyTalk and Muscle Activation over the last few years and can definitely say what a huge difference it has made to me in my life, especially the Muscle Activation which has worked deeply on a number of levels. It has definitely helped to release some deep seated tensions as even after just one session my shoulder and hip problems have lessened dramatically. I would highly recommend attending a session with Emma who is a fun loving and amazingly intuitive practitioner.

Yoga Instructor & Editor of Yoga Awakening Africa

For the past 20 years, I have had a recurring cough that no medication, allopathic or homeopathic, has been able to help me with. It was incessant and kept me up for nights on end. That was the reason I first went to see Emma and the cough hasn’t returned in the past 18 months. When my daughter started with a similar cough, I took her to Emma and she hasn’t coughed since then either.It was such a gentle, non-invasive way to help with something that affected us so much. I have continued to see Emma since then and she has helped me address so many other issues very successfully. I have learnt so much from the process about my body, myself and the relationship between my emotions, my mind and my body.


I have known Emma for a good many years as a client and when she mentioned that she was a Body Talk Practitioner, she challenged me to jump up on the table to open myself up to her style of Body Talk Practicing. That session saw me becoming a convert to an alternative healing method that is non-invasive, thorough and accurate in its diagnosis. When you have relied upon the strengths of scientific medicine for as long as I have, Body Talk was certainly a new way of thinking.

I experienced Emma to be concise, nurturing, knowledgeable, committed and her connection with the patient’s body, mind and soul to bring healing, is so profound that after each session, I found myself gaining more respect for my own body and soul. Integrating your past with the present to work towards future healing became something not only desirable for me, but a quest that has brought much release for my body to begin optimum performance.

Emma has so much to bring to our society through her practise as a Body Talk Practitioner, that long may she live in fulfillment of her purpose.

Interior Designer

I have been doing Pilates with Emma for five years, three of which have been semi-private classes. Previous to that I had done Pilates with various instructors for about three years. Emma’s classes are always well thought out and each session is different. She takes great care to get to know each individual and their bodies. She tailors her classes to work on individual weaknesses and strengths.

I have suffered with a weak and sometimes painful lower back over the years and it is for this reason that I turned to Pilates to help strengthen and mobilize it. Emma’s patient care, concern and her professional attention to detail as well as her extensive knowledge as to how the different parts of the body react to other parts has kept me going back. The difference her classes have made to my well-being has been remarkable. I feel so much stronger and more flexible and this has helped me in all aspects of my daily life. My back pain is almost non-existent (and when I do have the odd twinge she is able to fix it!). I am able to run pain free and feel so much more in control of my body.

Emma’s classes are always interesting, added to this her warm and caring nature with a laugh thrown in here and there make for a fun and fulfilling class that just seems to fly by!

Pilates Client

I first encountered BodyTalk whilst on a business trip to Johannesburg in early 2010. At the time I was feeling anxious, fatigued and generally unhappy. One evening I complained to a colleague that I could not breathe or laugh as it hurt in the centre of my chest. The next day that same colleague had been enjoying a massage when she informed the masseurs of my 'chest pain'. I was then offered a massage, but as I spoke to the therapist and told how fearful I was that she would hurt me or make the pain worse, she offered to do something different for me.

As she made various tapping movements on my body, she asked me a few questions and all of a sudden I started to cry. Utterly weep. It was like some kind of a release. A much needed release, as after that first session I felt energised and I could breathe and laugh without pain for the first time in weeks. I immediately looked up Body Talk practitioners in Cape Town when I returned home.

I was very fortunate to find Emma. When I started BodyTalk in earnest with Emma, I was still very anxious, I felt my body was not working optimally and I was feeling very low emotionally. With her help, I started to feel a shift, a change – subtle but positive. She touched on some sensitive issues which dealt with my past and has helped me accept them and let them go simultaneously. During the past year I went through a confidence-crushing break up with a boyfriend and also my best friend of 14 years. At the same time I had gained a considerable amount of weight. By continuing with BodyTalk, my body could convey what needed to be addressed and my busy mind could not censor what Emma needed to work with. I had visited a psychologist, however I found that when I spoke, not all of what I needed to say or work through would manifest. BodyTalk allowed everything to surface.

Emma is a wonderful practitioner with a warm heart and understanding, kind demeanour. She often gives me 'homework' assignments to enhance or follow through on the BodyTalk session we've just had. And she does so because she really wants me to experience the full positive effect of BodyTalk.

I look forward to our sessions and make notes in between appointments so that I can keep track of how my body, mind and emotions are doing. These notes also help Emma to see where my focus might be.

I am happy to be able to say that I am once again confident, far happier than I ever was before and am able to fit into (most of) my clothes again! I feel now that my body and mind work with me and not against me – all thanks to BodyTalk.

Young Professional

Emma is blessed with the wonderful gifts of a sparkling presence; a sound and thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology and energy-work; and compassionate healing hands. The result is a super wonderful teacher and practitioner who guides and heals with sensitivity and wisdom. Thank you Emma.

Yoga Instructor