Quantum Energy Coaching.
While doing trauma work, Dr Melanie Salmon introduced me to QEC. I was deeply moved of how quickly and simple the process as. The wounded beliefs I carried about myself were limiting me in my life.

About Quantum 
energy coaching

From our earliest days, our environment and life experiences influence the way we think about our Self. We then live our lives according to these limiting statements that cloud us from our full, authentic and powerful Self. QEC is a simple and powerful experience which reveals and allows the client to understand these distorted beliefs and creates supportive and nurturing thoughts and behaviours to free us of the chains of limitations.
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Dr Melanie Salmon created QEC by embracing various modalities including Gestalt Pscychotheraphy, Dr Bruce Liptons work of Epigenetics, Psych K, Cardiac Coherence, Quantum Physics, Dr Joe Dispensa, Dr Robert Scaer and Dr Gabor Mate’s work on trauma and the effects on the brain.

QEC is a gentle process that allows people to change the negative and distorted beliefs about themselves and install positive and affirming beliefs in the subconscious mind. This allow us to move forward with freedom , a deeper sense connection with our Self and the world around us.

The process is easy and simple.


R650 | Per Session

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  • I felt that the QEC process with you was a safe environment where I really felt seen and heard. It was liberating to put issues in point form in a positive way and wording and to be reminded how much control I have over my emotions and reactions.

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