November 2018 Newsletter


It’s been a whirlwind of a year and the end is closing in very quickly.  Even the  Christmas decoration are out in the stores and Boney M’s Christmas tunes are playing again.

It has been an extra ordinary year with lots of learnings and  deep personal growth.

As most of you know, that earlier this year I had an accident that lacerated my wedding finger and a traumatic hospitalisation. Life has its magical ways of sending us messages that we choose not to listen to. The quote from the spiritual teacher Almas says the following:

“All difficulties were designed by ourselves that love us so much, it will create extra difficulties for us, if we don’t get the message” And mine was my accident. In the process of my healing which included lots of emotional expression, memories surfacing  and relationship challenges. As I am overcoming this healing crisis, so the range of movement  and sensation returns in my finger. A miracle!!

I am so grateful to my colleges and the support from various modalities ,that have seen me grow this experience. It has been a time of deep searching , reflection and healing.  I have a much deeper respect for my body’s healing capacity and now can really listen to my body’s needs that get voiced on every single level.

I want to thank everyone of you for your continued support this year and being witness to all your amazing processes and growth.  Every session I have with you, opens my eyes and heart to a deeper level of gratitude. Wishing you all a wonderful festive season with families and loved ones.

My practice will be closing from 14 December 2018 and re-opening on the 14th January.

In Much Gratitude