Just as we inherit physical traits from our parents,
we also inherit other patterns that are 
unconscious and unspoken.
Just as we inherit physical traits from our parents, we also inherit other patterns that are unconscious and unspoken.
I was introduced to Family Constellation Therapy as part of my personal healing journey. I was amazed how much of my Grandparent and parents life experiences I was entangled with, and how they were influencing my life. Becoming aware of these patterns and working through a healing process allowed me to move forward in my life where I was stuck and disassociated.

About family constellation

Just as we inherit physical traits from our parents, we also inherit other patterns that are unconscious and unspoken. Unaware of their influences upon us, we perpetuate family patterns of illness and disease, failure, unhappiness, addictions and alcoholism, depression etc. and pass them on to our children and generations thereafter.
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Family Constellation 


When working with a client, we take a look at the client in relation to the family of origin to observe where the entanglements or blockages may lie, revealing what is. This process engages all the of the clients physical and emotional senses. The facilitator and client work together to find resource, support and clarity so the client may move forward in their lives


R950 | Session 90 minutes
  • I came to Emma for family constellation work as I was aware of the fact that, try as I may to break out of the family mould, I was perpetuating many of the family dramas, which was NOT what I wanted to pass onto my children.

    The work I did with Emma surpassed my expectations. We really unraveled some nasty convoluted family threads. Emma guides you through the process, which can be quite intense and harrowing, with such grace and steadiness.

    I have come away from every session with a sense of lightness. It's fascinating to watch the cogs of my life start to turn so differently, as I go forward with so much less baggage.

    Thank you Emma, for being so clear and easy about the process and for facilitating my journey in your unique way. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity.

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