Emma is now an Advanced Tre Provider

Almost half way through 2017  and it has been such a busy and big year.

I am now an Advanced Tre® Provider. This means that we have  once a month check ins with our supervisors where we explore our personal and work practice. In this practice, we explore our own traumas and deep seated tensions.  It’s vital that we continue doing  this exploration.  If cant access our darkness , how can our clients?  We also explore all the latest research and insights in working with TRE®.

Earlier on this year, I enrolled with Dr Melanie Salmon for a The Gestalt Skills Counselling, as part of my ongoing commitment to my clients and myself. It has been an intensive and deeply rewarding experience.  I have been able to access parts of myself that I didn’t think possible. Gestalt differs from most other talk therapies. Gestalt is a here-and-now therapy, meaning that the  focus on what is happening in each present moment of contact. The aim of Gestalt therapy is to fully accept, without judgement, the client as he /she is. To be heard, seen and have a voice is a powerful healing tool.  I have started to integrate this therapy in my BodyTalk, Family Constellation Therapy and Tre® sessions.

Warm Regards