BodyTalk addresses the Whole person – 
physical, emotional, mental and environmental.
Your body is a history book with all the life experiences, interactions, trans-generantional stories, beliefs, accidents are all etched into your being. In turn, all these impact the body’s ability to function on every single level – Body, mind and spirit.


BodyTalk addresses the Whole person – physical, emotional, mental and environmental. It’s a WholeHealthcare™ that supports the wellbeing of a person. The whole-story of the body is extremely important to the healing process. By doing this, The BodyTalk System is providing a truly whole-istic approach to the treatment of dis-ease. BodyTalk addresses your body’s priority for healing, in a respectful and non-invasive way.
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How Does BodyTalk Work?

The BodyTalk Practitioner is trained to facilitate where the breakdown of communication lies within the client by using muscle bio-feedback. The BodyTalk System finds out where the body is functioning ineffeciently and the body’s internal awareness is then redirected to focus on those areas using gentle balancing techniques. 

The practitioner holds the areas that have been highlighted and gently taps over the brain and over the heart. Tapping over the brain helps the whole nervous system to become aware of what it needs to do to balance itself in relation to the areas that are being held. The brain then improves communication between the targeted systems. The Resources are redirected so the body can return to normal balance and wellness on all levels physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Emotional Disorders
Learning Disorders
Digestive Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Infections - Viral/Bacterial
Body Pain


R650 | Initial session
R600 | Follow up sessions
  • It has been so wonderful working with Emma. She brings such compassion, understanding and love to her work, which allowed me to feel totally comfortable to share. This space opened up trauma wounds for me that needed to be aired and the healing of the symptoms that my body was carrying was a clear sign for me that I’d come to the right place. Her trust and intuition are a true gift and I highly recommend her. I’m so delighted our paths have crossed
  • Emma has been instrumental in helping our daughter when she experiences phases of nervous tics. BodyTalk has been the only successful treatment In just a few sessions Emma has the ability to connect and soothe the tics until they pass. Emma is a gifted healer.
  • Emma has been a real gift in my life. I have used body talk as a tool to further my personal growth and break through mental blocks by tapping into the intelligence of the body. With very little context Emma gently offers very personal insights that facilitate further mediation and learnings back home. The interweaving of body talk and constellation therapy is a fascinating and valuable experience and greatly appreciate the input that Emma has provided to me.
  • I have experienced all of the practices Emma offers over the last 5 years and she is the most nurturing and ethical person I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Healing is a vulnerable journey and the space Emma has created is safe, accepting and gentle all the while being extremely effective. I always feel heard and seen after my sessions and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Emma.
  • Whenever I am feeling off-balanced and unsettled Emma is the 1st practitioner I call. Emma’s ability to calmly understand what is distressing me and my body makes me feel safe. After a gentle session with Emma my life seems to fall back into a manageable situation. I love how Un- invasive her facilitation is, it’s perfect for the nervous system.

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