As an Integrated Health Practitioner, Emma supports and facilitates her clients’ healing process using BodyTalk, Tre®, Systemic Family Constellation Therapy and QEC.  All of these modalities are simple, effective and empowering .

Emma Williams started her journey as a Pilates Instructor in 2004. She was fascinated by the workings of Human Body and furthered her studies and became a BodyTalk Practitioner in 2007. Over the next 4 years she completed all the BodyTalk Modules. Emma’s curiosity continued where she completed Level 1 and 2 training for TRE – Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises, with Dr David Berceli and Dr Melanie Salmon. As part of her continuing learning journey Emma completed her training in Family Constellation Therapy with Richard Higgins and then later with Tanja Meyburgh. The next 3 years she continued her training with Dr Melanie Salmon where she trained in Gestalt therapy, QEC and furthered her understanding the deep wounds that trauma leaves behind.

“Over the years, I have gained such a huge respect for our beings – body, mind and the spirit. Our body is truly a marvel and knows exactly what, how and when it needs support. Our bodies are our history books of our life experiences and will always let you know when something is out of balance. Its through all the years of my personal growth work that I have finally learnt to listen to my inner voice.

Dr Gabor Mate says “The healing power resides in us all.”

“I love the work that I do and all the years of learning brings an unique experience to each of my clients. I work organically and allow the client’s process to unfold to bring about healing”
Emma lives in Tokai with her husband and son, where she maintains a busy practise at her home.