Emma’s Early Spring Clean

Its been a while since I have posted anything on my blog but have lots to share and exciting changes within myself and also my work.

At the beginning of the month of May, I had an accident which has temporarily given me limited movement in my left hand. While I am working on healing it,  I have decided that I am no longer going to offer Fascia Release Therapy or Muscle Activation work.

I attended a workshop of Quantum Energy coaching with Dr Melanie Salmon, which I have experienced in the past year while working on myself.  I am now excited to share with you that I am now qualified to with work with my clients which I will be offering from the 1 June 2018.

QEC was developed over many years by Dr Melanie Salmon using techniques from her medical practice, Gestalt Pscyhotherapy, Epigenetics, Cardio-Coherence, Quantum Physics, Neurology and Neuroscience.

QEC aims to change self limiting beliefs at a subconscious level.  Positive and affirming beliefs are installed into the subconscious mind using an optimal brain wave state that is receptive to learning.  New positive beliefs replace the old limiting ones, immediately and permanently.  The process is easy and effortless.

Further information can be found on

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful new tool with all of you.

Warm Regards


Yoga & TRE Workshops

Integrating Yoga & TRE with Nina & Emma

Join Yoga teacher Nina Saacks and Integrated Health Practitioner Emma Williams as they guide you through a 4 week course where you access & release deep seated tension, emotional blockages and mental tension

Who is this course for?

*Those looking to find out more about TRE

*Beginners and experienced Yoga Practitioners

*Those looking for a deep and meaningful inner shift and experience

Where – 14 Dalmore Road, Tokai

Workshop 2 – 27 August, 3, 10, 17 September 2018 | Monday 15h00 – 17h00

Investment R1200.00

One Day workshops 25 August 2018

Investment R300.00

For more information contact Emma –

Limited to 5 persons

Emma is now an Advanced Tre Provider

Almost half way through 2017  and it has been such a busy and big year.

I am now an Advanced Tre® Provider. This means that we have  once a month check ins with our supervisors where we explore our personal and work practice. In this practice, we explore our own traumas and deep seated tensions.  It’s vital that we continue doing  this exploration.  If cant access our darkness , how can our clients?  We also explore all the latest research and insights in working with TRE®.

Earlier on this year, I enrolled with Dr Melanie Salmon for a The Gestalt Skills Counselling, as part of my ongoing commitment to my clients and myself. It has been an intensive and deeply rewarding experience.  I have been able to access parts of myself that I didn’t think possible. Gestalt differs from most other talk therapies. Gestalt is a here-and-now therapy, meaning that the  focus on what is happening in each present moment of contact. The aim of Gestalt therapy is to fully accept, without judgement, the client as he /she is. To be heard, seen and have a voice is a powerful healing tool.  I have started to integrate this therapy in my BodyTalk, Family Constellation Therapy and Tre® sessions.

Warm Regards


Tre from the wheelchair – A Courageous Story

On the 15th of November 2010 I was thrown from a horse and broke my back leaving me paralysed from the waist down and classified as a T12 complete paraplegic. I had surgery two days later to stabilise the fracture which meant fusing my spine with titanium rods and screws along 5 vertebrae.
After two weeks in intensive care I was transferred to UCT academic hospital to start the two month ‘rehab’ process. The ‘rehab’ process involved telling me there was no hope of my ever walking again and learning to live in a wheelchair. The whole experience was awful, with staff treating me as though this was an everyday occurrence (which obviously for them it was) and not the life changing devastating situation I now found myself in. I ended up counselling the councilor as she was going in for a hysterectomy.
I took every drug they prescribed, watched every scary mongering video and did every exercise to get out of the hospital. My ‘rehab’ started at home, using yoga, breathing exercises I managed to wean myself off the drugs and rebuild some strength and my sense of self. Using the Winks Greene machine I managed to keep nerves and muscles alive and skin condition in good shape.
I started TRE with Emma Williams about 8 weeks ago and have found more progress in the last four weeks than in the last 5 years. At first I really struggled to get a small tremor using mostly the upper body and tensing to the point of getting spasms in my back stomach and neck and shoulders. We experimented and worked together to find new ways to induce the tension needed in the body. By session 8 all I need to do is pelvic tilt gently, pull my belly button in, pull up the pelvic floor and release tension in which every muscle seems to be straining (AND BREATHE) and be patient. I now experience a full body tremor, mostly moving into my upper body where the injury is. It’s been an emotional roller coaster letting go of trauma and locked down emotions accumulated over the last 5 years. I have experienced, vulnerability, irritability, bouts of unexplained tears and outburst of anger.
The changes are profound after 8 sessions. I have gone from my lower half of my body not being part of me, to an increase in pins and needles in my legs and awareness of the shape of my buttocks and upper thighs. I am able to move my hip flexors for the first time in 5 years!