Over the years I have struggled with lethargy, depression, digestive disorders which includes IBS, menstrual imbalances, mood swings, injuries, lack of self-esteem and the list can go on.

In 2004, I embarked on a journey of empowering myself and became a Pilates Instructor and had a successful studio. Working with the physical body revealed that the emotions, mental and spiritual aspects were all connected. Curious, I continued with my studies and became a BodyTalk Practitioner in 2007. Over the next 4 years I completed all the BodyTalk Modules. One of the modules included understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine which I still continue to research.

In 2011, I attended a course with a physiotherapist, Douglas Heel, called Muscle Activation.  This sparked my further curiosity about a muscle, called the Psoas which lead me to TRE® – Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises, with Dr David Berceli. As part of the TRE® program, I studied Fascia Release therapy which deepened my knowledge, understanding and respect of the body.

In 2013, I met Richard Higgins, who facilitated Shamanic Family Constellation Therapy.  In 2015, I continued with my interest in Systemic Family Constellation and trained with Tanja Meyburgh of African Family Constellations where I attend regular workshops.

In 2017 my journey has continues. I have completed a Somatic Experience® skills workshop (which is based on Dr Peter Levin’s work)  and am now currently engaging in Gestalt Counselling Skills workshop which  has allowed me to start accessing very deep core work.

I have incorporated my years of experience and knowledge into all of my work. It is an ongoing journey. I live in Tokai with my husband and son, where I maintain a busy practice.