In 2004, Emma started her healing journey and now after many years, she has worked in and certified in Pilates, BodyTalk, Muscle Activation, Tre®, Systemic Family Constellation Therapy, Gestalt Counselling Skills, Fascia Release Therapy and QEC.

“Over the years, I have gained such a huge respect for our beings – body, mind and the spirit. Our body is truly a marvel and knows exactly what, how and when it needs support. Our bodies are our history books of our life experiences and will always let you know when something is out of balance. The more healing work I do on myself, the more I become in touch with my needs on all levels.”

Dr Gabor Mate says “The healing power resides in us all.”

As an Integrated Health Practitioner, Emma supports and facilitates her clients’ healing process using BodyTalk, Tre®, Systemic Family Constellation Therapy and QEC.  All of these modalities are simple, effective and empowering .

Emma is continuing with her ongoing healing journey and is committed to helping you along yours.